I am a indie + vintage + film style blogger & photographer. I love creating organic & sunkissed photographs and sharing experiences. I enjoy experimenting with vibrant colors. Oh and natural light is my best friend.

A little about me. My name is Emily or Emy you can call me which ever you please. I am currently a graudate student in Boston studying public health/epidemiology and working in a cancer research team. I am passionate about my photography and my purpose is to capture a fragment of time for beautiful lasting memories. I want people to be able to remember all of the small details in the photographs.  

I chose the name Hello, Emy because I feel that each and everyday is lovely in its own way, even by a simple "Hello". I am a simple girl, who admires the little details in every day that make it enjoyable and lovely in its own way. I enjoy photography from simplistic to abstract and I want to explore all the different styles. I am easily inspired.
Please feel free to check out my blog/instagram as well. I blog about beauty, fashion, food, health/fitness and photography. 

Currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts, but occasionally I can be found in Los angeles, California. Photography by Emily Quach.